Sunday, April 26, 2009

Intro to avian photagraphy

Since getting into photography about three years ago my main interest has been with birds in flight. Living in Cape Town we have plenty of opportunity to see a wide variety of water birds, both inland and ocean. The most common include Ibis', Cormorants, Herons, Darters, Egyptian Geese to name just a few.
My favorite birding spots for these include the Waterworks of Zeekoevlei and Intaka Island.

Other common birds in our area include Cape White Eyes, Sugardbirds, Sunbirds, and several others.

As my portfolio increases I'll be adding some of my favorite shots for you to view and hopefully comment on.


  1. Great pics Stu - like your set-up. Let's see lots more from your hot lens!

  2. hey hey!!!
    great photos!!!
    about shutterstock taxes, i'm totally lost cuz brazil is not in the list of countries that pay less or 0%..but i'll be moving to france in 3 months and i dont know if this can help me or not...

  3. Might be worth upping your minimum payout till you're settled in France as I'm sure they have a treay with the US

  4. i thought about that but as may's payout wont be taxed i'll get it this month and for next month i'll set my minimum payout higher...they have a 0% treat with the USA!!!

    good luck on istock you too!!! we'll make it!! i'm sure

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