Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another of the panos from last weekend. Learnt one thing from my experiments, avoid including things that move - like waves, they cause havoc when trying to stitch nine frames together. Thank heavens for the clone tool. Really helps hide our screw ups for those of you who like me make many. Enjoy and please feel free to comment


  1. Awsome photo! I love panoramics, I've once seen a Paris nightview that really impressed me. How are sales going? Better?


  2. Been having quite a bit of fun playing with panos but not getting them the way I want yet.
    Overall sales weren't too bad but SS was really disappointing but SXP picked up really nicely as it did for you

  3. Excellent photo!
    Your works are stunningly beautiful!

  4. It looks like you are shooting in paradise...
    Realy beautiful work!
    Cheers, Cris

  5. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated

  6. My goodness that is an amazing shot! I love panoramics for that fish-eye feel they give. Beautiful!